Andrew's Honey
Website Design


Background and Strategy
Andrew's Honey is a family owned honey business that's been keeping bees for four generations. As the leading producer of New York City honey, Andrew's Honey is a well respected brand loved by locals, top restaurant chefs, and even the global community. The Andrew's Honey stand is an iconic presence at the Union Square Greenmarket, known for its quick witted sales staff and unique for its meticulously crafted, hand painted signage.

For many years the company website was static with outdated information. Finally, in 2014, Andrew's Honey was ready to upgrade to a new website capable of online sales while
authentically bringing the experience of the Andrew's Honey stand online. 

Website Design
We started from scratch to map out content for the site and the architecture that would be used to organize the information. Stylistically, we took inspiration from the iconic Andrew's Honey label, which features hand drawn illustration, a unique black and white color palette, and hand lettered words that spell out "honey" in different languages. The site is professional

Total Scope of Deliverables
Partnering with  Andres the Giant on website development, we delivered:

  • Website architecture
  • Website wireframes
  • Website design
  • Product photo shoot
  • Photo library development
  • Website development