New York City Beekeepers Association
Website Design

Background and Strategy
The New York City Beekeepers Association (NYCBA) is a community organization of New York-area beekeepers whose mission is to  educate and advise on  best practices for responsible beekeeping in urban environments.

As a community organization with lots of events and activities, NYCBA needed a new website that could serve as a hub for members to access latest news, information about classes and educational opportunities and details about membership and monthly meetings.

Website Design
NYCBA's site was designed to communicate the friendly, welcoming and inclusive spirit of the organization as well as its credentials and leadership position in the greater beekeeping community. Design motifs throughout the site, such as the hexagon tiles in the background, reference the intriguing juxtaposition of beekeeping with landmarks and urban environment of New York City—a modern, playful crossover of the natural and the urban worlds.

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