National Center for Learning Disabilities
Annual Report Design

Background and Strategy
The National Center for Learning Disabilities is a New York-based nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve the lives of the one in five children and adults nationwide with learning and attention issues. For the 2013 annual report, NCLD wanted to create a vibrant yet succinct print annual report which could quickly convey the organization's impact while inviting readers to dive deeper into topics of interest via interactive portals to the organization's website.

Report Design - Print and Interactive Versions
We started by organizing the report into the four program areas of the organization, assigning each section a distinct, vibrant color. The report cover's overlapping circles of color represents the fruition of these four different program areas coming together to help children thrive and succeed. The piece is interspersed with factoids and callouts to provide different levels of information to accommodate different readership engagement levels. 

A digital version of the report allows for instant access from the website along with interactivity to guide readers to NCLD video and resources on the site.

Total Scope of Deliverables

  • Print and interactive annual report design
  • Custom illustration