MATR BOOMIE Website Design

MATR BOOMIE is a leading fair trade wholesale social enterprise based in India and Austin, Texas.

The company's previous name, Handmade Expressions, was facing increased competition and sought to rebrand to help them connect with their audiences. We collaborated with Smith & Co. Creative to deliver a complete rebrand that would finally show the world what the brand is capable of. 

Strategically, we recommended leading with emotional, evocative lifestyle and design — but quickly following up with a spot-on, practical shopping experience, amazing customer service and impact stories that matter. We focused on the notion that we are all part of the same human family. We can be sophisticated and approachable. We can use our love of fashion, life and adventure as an intriguing doorway to our deeper mission.
Total Scope of Services
Collaborating with Smith and Co. Creative on strategy, naming, copywriting and tagline creation, we delivered:

  • Industry Forecasting
  • Audience Analysis
  • Brand Strategy
  • Naming
  • Tagline
  • Messaging
  • Logo and Visual Identity
  • Web Home Page Design
  • Launch Strategy
  • Product Design Guidelines
  • Hang Tag Strategy & Design