Logo & Visual Identity Design

Background and Brand Strategy
With competition mounting, leading social advertising technology platform and consultancy Kinetic Social needed to rebrand the company from the inside-out. Increasingly savvy, the competition had adopted some solid marketing tactics—complete with easy product features, user benefits and adorable icons. And yet, none of these good marketers were greater branders. No one stood out from the crowd by offering the world a big idea or sound argument for why their work matters.

Collaborating on brand strategy with Smith & Co. Creative, we elevated the long lost key to a healthy social media ecosystem—happy end consumers. Delight them, and everyone wins. We lead with the strategy that Kinetic is the only social marketing platform obsessed with helping brands create welcome, engaging, empowering experiences for consumers — real people like you and me.
The resulting big idea, and the tagline affixed to the logo, became "Human Centered Social".

Logo Design
Affectionately named the “Smile,” the Kinetic logo embodies the core of the brand — human centered social. The subtle, satisfied human face speaks to both welcome, engaging and empowering encounters between end-consumers and brands, and to our stellar client service.
Radiating elements allude to the power of positive experiences rippling out into communities, networks and the marketplace at large.

Comprehensive Style Guide
We concluded our first phase of work by delivering a detailed style guidelines book which provides a framework and recommendations for how the idea of Human Centered Social could be carried out throughout branded communication materials, as well as how to speak and visually represent the Kinetic brand consistently.

Total Client Deliverables
Collaborating with Smith and Co. Creative and Manish Tandon, we delivered 

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Audience Research
  • Brand Strategy
  • Tagline
  • Messaging
  • Visual Identity
  • Design Templates