Visual Identity for Charles Letourneau, LLC

Background and Strategy
Performing arts producer and manager Charles Letourneau sought a visual identity to express his talent and years of experience serving both the artist community as well as art festival organizers. Together, with Gary Hertz of Gorilla Suit Productions, we worked to develop a memorable brand identity that authentically captures the company's unique perspective, personality and expansive range of capabilities. 

Identity Design
For the visual identity, we took inspiration from the Letourneau name, which is the French word for "starling," a songbird whose nature and character offered us pathways to expressing many of the qualities of the Charles Letourneau brand. The starling is a leader and orchestrator of social groups and is best known for its ability to form dynamically – and frequently breathtakingly – orchestrated flocks called murmations. These communal gatherings – hundreds of thousands strong yet moving as one – are referred to as "the ballet of the skies" and recognized as one of nature’s most extraordinary phenomena. 

For the logo, we sought out a traditional style of imagery that evoked history and reverence for the arts. The foundation of the logo's icon is based off a 19th century etching which expresses the confident leadership of the starling. In other contexts, such as on the website homepage, we incorporated imagery of starling murmuration in the background. As an symbolic nod to performing arts management, the single starling in the foreground acts as if directing the elaborate, artistic "performance" of the flock. Without singling out any one type of artist or medium, we captured the idea of masterfully orchestrating an artistic event.

Total Scope of Deliverables